Posture Series: Your posture and why it’s wrong

Brendan Weafer

By Brendan Weafer [October 30th, 2016]

We know that sitting all day isn’t good for you.  But you didn’t know how it follows you home.  As you are reading this right now do you notice your shoulders pulled forward?  Your spine slumped and curved?  Your lower back might feel tight?This happens all too frequently.  

It’s not a problem for our bodies to go into that position some of the time, the problem is that our bodies adjust.  Innately we lengthening certain muscles and tightening others when we stay in “bad posture” positions for too long.  After years of this “poor posture” we get stuck with bad posture and our bodies often experience a lot of discomfort.

Ways to correct this:

  1. Hip Flexor stretch
  2. Duck toe/Pigeon toe stretch
  3. Desk dip stretch
  4. Trese Major/Minor w/ Rotator cuff
  5. Arm Circles
Brendan Weafer, a former professional combative sports competitor since childhood, is a fitness expert with multiple certifications in corrective exercise, nutrition, and human motion. Fueled by his passion to help people lead healthy lives free of pain and injury, he has helped motivate thousands of clients to health and strength.
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