Fit Facts: Sleep is your number one priority

Brendan Weafer

By Brendan Weafer [October 30th, 2016]

Hope everyone had a restful weekend, because this week’s FIT Facts remind us how vital sleep is to our bodies.  Sleep is an easy way to support almost all of your body’s processes and functions.  From your immune system to your nervous system sleep is an important time for everything to get a chance to “reboot”.

  • 33% of people who have 4 or more caffeinated beverages a day are at risk for sleep apnea.
  • Sleep deprivation can have the same adverse effects as alcohol.
  • 4 easy things to help get a better night’s sleep:
      • Cool room (60-68 degrees Fahrenheit)
      • Complete darkness (No light sources)
      • No food or liquids 2 hours prior to bedtime
      • No screens 1 hour prior to bedtime
  • Smokers are 4 times more likely to feel fatigued after a night of sleep than nonsmokers.
  • Food Friday- This weekend try drinking Tart Cherry juice.  Tart Cherry juice not only has anti-inflammatory properties but also naturally improves your body’s production of melatonin which helps regulate your sleep cycle.  Try drinking a small glass this weekend about an hour before bedtime and see how you sleep and feel.
Brendan Weafer, a former professional combative sports competitor since childhood, is a fitness expert with multiple certifications in corrective exercise, nutrition, and human motion. Fueled by his passion to help people lead healthy lives free of pain and injury, he has helped motivate thousands of clients to health and strength.
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