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Workweek Wellness develops individualized workplace wellness programs that help keep employees happy, healthy and productive. Our programs are overseen by our advisory board of doctors, which includes a clinical nutritionist, a surgeon and podiatrist, and a board certified doctor of internal medicine.

Their broad range of specialties and wealth of experience ensures that our programs are well-rounded, based on the latest research, and engaging. Studies show companies with wellness programs in place save 8% a year on healthcare costs and a 28% reduction in sick leave.

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Employees often suffer from chronic health problems like obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and depression, which can lead to costly (and avoidable) health claims. At Workweek Wellness, we believe that the key to better employee health is education.

Our mission is to inform every employee about disease prevention, better lifestyle choices, and attainable fitness goals. For those employees who are already chronically ill, our disease-management programs help ensure they get appropriate care that will both improve their health and reduce insurance premiums.  Studies have shown that effective wellness programs can save employers up to $136 PEPM (per employee per month).



Video Content

We’ve created over 500 pieces of original video, designed to educate and inspire.  All of these exercises utilizes an individual’s body weight, and many can be done at or near a desk, some even while sitting down. Choose your own videos, or watch them in the 52 week sequence. Our videos will help your employees increase mobility, correct muscular imbalance, and improve movement patterns to achieve an active lifestyle regardless of your previous fitness level.

Objectives & Milestones

Our daily objectives suggest ways employees can easily incorporate new wellness principles by gamifying daily activity and rewarding healthy habits. These accessible challenges are designed to teach people how to incorporate healthier choices into their lifestyle. Research shows that small changes practiced routinely can produce large results, and that’s what Workweek Wellness will help your employees achieve.


Fit Facts

Informed individuals make better daily choices that add up to positive habits and an overall healthier lifestyle. Our easy-to-absorb daily facts educate employees about nutrition, stress management, and how to maximize sleep. From recipes to meditation tips to what you should do when you first wake up, we teach your staff how to get the most out of life everyday.

Mobile Apps

A recent study shows that an average adult spends 2.8 hours a day consuming various media content on their mobile device. Today’s consumer expects information to be readily available whenever they want it. That’s why Workweek Wellness includes a free mobile app, so your employees can  take wellness with them, wherever they go.


Powerful Analytics

We think of data as more than just numbers: it’s the power to make decisions that shape the future of your company.  In order to provide the clearest possible picture of your employee data, we have an integrated a management platform. This panel is designed to provide your team with real-time user data to help them formulate the best strategies to increase employees engagement. You’ll be able to see what’s working and what isn’t, and adjust your program accordingly.

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We believe workplace culture holds a key answer to the national health crisis. Obesity, inactivity, high blood pressure, and heart disease contribute to lower productivity as well as higher absenteeism and insurance costs.

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